We provide ultrafiltered yogurt so that you can live your life unfiltered. We want to inspire you to break free from all constraints: live life your way and unleash your passion and creativity! We keep it Light & Free so that you can express your uniqueness, and enjoy every day to the fullest. Live Free! You can be anything you want to be.

We collabed
with Burnt Toast
to create this
limited-edition pack

We are supporting a Canadian artist who shares our values of creativity, originality and unique flavour.

For our first exclusive yogurt pack, we asked Canadian illustrator Burnt Toast to let his creativity run free, and we are very excited to introduce you to his work. We know that you will feel inspired by his positive energy and his whimsy!


It is very important for us to support local talents, and encourage everyone to express their originality in their own way.

And we saw no better way to share our mission than to include Burnt Toast’s bright and unique illustrations onto our packaging. Bringing a ray of sunshine to your breakfast or snack time, his joyful characters are sure to brighten up your day! Now peel the lid off, and dive into the unconventional!


We are celebrating art as partners of Mural Festival

As advocates of creative freedom, we are delighted to take part in such an inspiring cultural project.

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Mural Festival needs no introduction for street art aficionados. For those who wish to discover it, the Festival is a joyful celebration of urban art, which attracts talented artists from all over the world. What’s the best part about this Festival you ask? We love seeing the energy building up and lifting spirits as the walls of Montreal and Toronto become brighter, and the urban landscape is remodeled by live artistic performances. Not to be missed!

As we are starting to experience a little more freedom after the quarantine, Mural Estival 2020 feels like a breath of fresh air!

We are proud and honoured to collaborate with the Festival and to be a part of this project. And we strongly believe that our shared passion for freedom, creativity and self-expression will lead to a meaningful and beautiful collaboration. The Festival brings colour, and we bring flavour into people’s lives, in order to let them be themselves and enjoy life in their own way.

This partnership also made sense to us because we are committed to supporting and celebrating Canadian art. It feels absolutely essential to support our local artists to help foster awareness around their refreshing talent. And we feel that the Mural Festival is an event that has helped shape the community and nurtured the local art scene. So we are very happy to promote the democratization of art alongside such an exciting event.

We seek to inspire everyone to join our #FreeYourCreativity movement, because we value the imaginative spirit growing in each and every one of us. Art is the expression of freedom, so let’s get creative together and Live Free!

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